With the Nordic Countries

Meeting of the Athens 2018 World Book Capital team with representatives of the Nordic Countries’ Embassies and Institutes (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland). Goal of the meeting? To coordinate and plan their participation in the organization of 2018, through events that will promote both foreign writers’ work, as well as the Greek audience’s love for Scandinavian […]

“Literature is an oracle”

Frankfurt Book Fair 2017 was completed on Sunday 15th of October. On the afternoon of Saturday, the event “Literature is an oracle” honored Thanassis Valtinos as a contemporary classic of Greek literature, whose work has been very influential for a series of contemporary writers. Edition Romiosini / CeMoG publish for the first time a representative […]

With the team of Conakry

While being in Frankfurt Book Fair 2017, we met with the team of this year’s World Book Capital, Conakry. We listened to their advice and exchanged opinions in anticipation of 2018.

At the Municipality of Athens Migration and Refugee Coordination Centre

The Athens 2018 World Book Capital team, met with representatives of the participant bodies, of the Municipality of Athens Migration & Refugee Coordination Centre initiative. The purpose of the meeting was to present Athens 2018 World Book Capital to the members of the Education and Learning Committee. Participants included amongst others: SPANISH RED CROSS, ActionAid […]

3rd Athens World Poetry Festival

A warm welcome by the Athens 2018 World Book Capital team awaited the distinguished poets participating in the 3rd Athens World Poetry Festival. This year’s festival, held from18th to 23rd of September at Athens’ City Hall, was dedicated to Slovenian Poetry. Ioannis Trochopoulos, head of Athens 2018 World Book Capital, received the poets in the […]

Ex Libris

In “Ex Libris : New York Public Library”, Frederick Wiseman’s latest film that premiered at the Venice Festival 2017, the director reveals the real New York, through the daily routine of the city Library. Books, librarians, readings and events reveal the Library’s deeply democratic ideals, as well as different aspects of human nature. “I didn’t […]

Andreas Empeirikos

On this day, September 2,1901, Andreas Empeirikos, the great Greek poet, writer and psychoanalyst is born.
The “Great Eastern”, the great work of the artist -published posthumously-, remains one of the boldest and most provocative books of Greek literature.

Books are everywhere!

Athens 2018 World Book Capital is all about bringing «books everywhere». But what does that really mean?

It means books in every corner and every neighborhood. Books for all ages, books for everyone: Athenians,visitors, and everyone who wishes to enjoy them.

From Madrid…

From Madrid to Alexandria, and more recently from Amsterdam to Buenos Aires and Bangkok, soon coming to our very own capital.

Starting in April 2018, until April 2019, Athens will be World Book Capital for an entire year; the place where the universal heart of the written word will be beating!

Let’s get started!

Athens is preparing for a great celebration, an experience unlike any other! A whole year full of books, reading, culture and events that promote knowledge.

Whether younger or older, Athenian or visitor; all are welcome to join the festivities.

Our aim? To bring books to every neighbourhood and to every corner of the city.

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