Ruby Tuesdays! #8
Reading carefully (with caution) about cancer…
Who killed Paul Seldon?

Upcoming Events

Museopedagogical programs in cultural spaces – “Plato’s myths”

Educational activity attempting to induce children to become acquainted with the myths of Plato’s “State” and the elements of his philosophy through entertaining as well as educational ways. Groups of 15 children [8 to 12 years old] Organizer: OPANDA Section: Educational Activities Participation: Free Registrations at 210 5142138

A Girl Hovers in Kerameikos

Theatrical adaptation of the award-winning children’s book by archaeologist Christos Boulotis, A Girl Hovers in Kerameikos. An Anti-War Story in the Athens of Classical Times (PIOP’s Publications 2011), from the Theatre Group of the Piraeus Bank Group, directed by Apostolis Psarros. Organizer: Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation Section: Books and the Arts Free Entrance Reservation Required: 210 3256930, 210 3256943.

Through Reading, I Change the World!

On Sunday, April 14th, 11:00-19:00, Reading to the Others will be waiting for you in order to: - live the experience of recording an audio book - enjoy fairytale narrations from their volunteers - learn about Braille writing- relax while listening to American literature- buy from their bazaar a book “that is already read” - give away books of our own “that are already read”! Join this event of Reading to the Others in order to experience what their volunteers have been offering for an entire year to 940 elderly people living in nursing homes, with the support of the US Embassy in Greece, in the framework of Athens Book Capital 2018, and TIMA Charitable Foundation. Come to talk about why access to knowledge, fun, hope and dream, all streaming from a book, is everyone’s right.Reading to the Others will be waiting for you in order to continue changing the world, page by page. Organizer: Reading to the Others Section: Celebrate Reading

The big city, countless sorrows

Although his writing is primarily associated with Thessaloniki, Yiorgos Ioannou's texts contain a particular glimpse into Athens. Through his short stories, confessional texts and essays, Team Asty will attempt to trace Ioannou's image of Athens, as well as the point of view through which the post-war generation of writers viewed the big city. By walking along the same route that Ioannou took on his way back home (coming down from Thessaloniki), we will be simultaneously taking the thematic and aesthetic route from the countryside to the capital taken by that entire generation. Organizer: Team Asty Section:  Athenian Book Routes

Love of reading in action: reading / narrative clubs and creative writing workshops Conference

Workshop on the Blossoming of Reading / Narrative clubs and Creative Writing workshops and their contribution to social cohesion and the creation of dynamics at a local level. The aim of this conference is to present popular practices of reading and narration clubs, creative writing workshops and other practices. Explore the benefits to the participants not only intellectually, but also from a level of socialization and interaction with others but also with their place. Examine whether and how through collective reading and narration can be created links that are beneficial to local societies and if a creative writing workshop can create better readers. Organizer: Athens Culture Net, with the support of OSDEL & AWBC18 Section: Celebrating Reading Terms of participation / reservations: Free participation. Reservation at info@athens2018.gr 210-3722010  

Digital Media & Copyrights Workshop

Workshop about Copyrights & Digital Narration in the Digital Era that examines not only the legal parameters but also ways of creating content on websites or social media using copyrighted material and how to protect the original material created. It will examine how copyright can be used in ephemeral digital narrative and new ways of managing copyrights will be presented. A workshop will also be held with the aim to bring authors and copyright owners in touch with the "users" of this content, to clarify the chains of value created and to explain how knowledge of principles and procedures can lead to both sides are favored. Organizer: Athens Culture Net, with the support of OSDEL & AWBC18 Section: Celebrating Reading Terms of participation / reservations: Free participation for the first part. Reservation required for the workshop at info@athens2018.gr 210-3722010

Presentation of the graphic novel Katerina in Athens

Short description: Presentation of the graphic novel Katerina in Athens, complemented by an educational activity curated by the creative team of the novel. Both the presentation and the publication are implemented as part of “Kids for the City”, an educational programme by the City of Athens. The event is aimed at children, parents and teachers and is free of charge. Please book in advance. Organizer: Technopolis City of Athens | “Kids for the City” educational programme. With the support of “Athens 2018 – World Book Capital” City of Athens Section: Celebrating Reading Terms of participation: Free entrance upon reservation Further info/ Reservations: 2130109300 (Technopolis City of Athens)  



Odysseas Elytis

Words of the day

Listen, listen
Who speaks to the waters and who weeps – do you hear?
Who searches for the other, who cries out – do you hear?
I am the one who cries out and I am the one who weeps, do you hear me
I love you, I love you, you hear me.

Moving library

The Moving Library aims to bring “Books Everywhere” all over Athens!

Find out its next “stops” in the neighborhoods of the city!
  • 15 Αpril – Piraeus Municipal Theatre
  • 16 Αpril – Agios Thomas Square
  • 17 Αpril – Koumoundorou Square
  • 18 Αpril – Troon, Petralona
  • 19 Αpril – Labrini
  • 22 Αpril-  OPANDA



For kids and the Family

10 November |  The city reads…children’s books for Museums

Educational activities aiming at presenting museum books for children and museum - related books through entertaining and educational ways with the ultimate goal: to bring pupils, teachers, parents, citizens closer to the museums of the City of Athens. This event includes reading and presentation of the child book "A Walk in the City Gallery" of Foteni Chambra & Zoe Skalidi (edition Diaplasi) For parents and children 6 - 12 years old. Organization: OPANDA, Department of Library Collections & Cultural Spaces Section: Educational Activities  

24 November |  Stories that Bring Us Together: storytelling from around the world in different languages #5

On the last Saturday of each calendar month, children and foreign visitors to Athens become an audience to storytellers. This event features tales from all over the world in Farsi, Arabic, Kurmanji, French and English. Organizer: We Need Books Section: Celebrating Reading

31 October to 2 December |  “Spiti” | Home: group exhibition of Greek illustrators

What is home for a child-for an adult who was a child? Works of 25 Greek illustrators attempting to convey the concept of home, as a house, courtyard, room, corner or headrest, charger and kaleidoscope of emotions, as a channel of messages and symbols. Hearth and warmth, base or recourse, privacy or coexistence. Home as a residence, permanent, temporary, transitional. A slowing lever in the rhythms of everyday life, a station in the variability of the modern era of mobility. Villages, cities, and apartments are increasingly common places to move from one working environment to another, from zones of destruction to hosting cultures. As the world around us becomes more and more inhospitable, the primary need for private microcosms, created and defined by us alone, is a matter of urgency. And as long as the satisfaction of this need does not stabilize spatially, the greater the nostalgia of childhood emotions, the more descriptive the vision of regaining the sense of belonging. Artists: Svetlana Vassilev, Katerina Verouzou, Claire Georgellis, Myrto Delivorias, Natalia Kapatsoulia, Christos Kourtoglou, Alexis Kyrizopoulos, Efi Lada, Michalis Kazazis, Kelly Matthia Kovo / Kelly Matathia Covo, Thanda Mimilaki, Maria Bahá , Petros Bouloubassis, Nearchos Daskas, Vassilis Papatsarouchas, Dancey Parisis, Achilleas Razis, Melissanthi Saliba, Iris Samartzis, Daniela Stamatiadis, Fotini Stefanidis, Fotini Tikkou, Sofiia Touliatou, Katerina Hadoulou, Vaso Psaraki Information: www.myrtillocafe.gr Reservations at 2110123176, 6940867480 & 6971759463, Email: myrtillocafe@gmail.com & myrtillocafe2@gmail.com Exhibition Opening: 31 October, 19:00 Parallel Events: -Meet ups with children's literature creators, focusing on their books focusing on the notion of “home” -School visits to the exhibition backed up with workshops / meetings with creators (upon request) Parallel book exhibition: "At Home" Organizer: anOtherstory-Myrtillo-Children's and Adolescent Library of the City of Athens, supported by OPANDA Exhibition duration: 31 October 2018 to 01 December 2018 Place: Myrtillo - Children's and Adolescent Library of the Municipality of Athens Organizer: Myrtillo café, supported by Athens 2018 - World Book Capital of the City of Athens Section: Book and the Arts Events in the context of the yearly theatrical and visual festival for children and adolescents "anOther Story", hosted at Myrtillo's premises

24 September to 30 April |  Books on Wheels travel to the Nurseries of Athens

Books on Wheels is an innovative program that aims to foster a book-loving attitude among children of public elementary schools in Greece, by bringing a mobile library into the classroom. BOOKS ON WHEELS “travels” to the 72 early childhood centers of the Municipality of Athens! Twelve carry - on suitcases full of new books will reach 4.500 toddlers who will have the opportunity to enjoy contact with the books and associate them with positive feelings and people they love. Information: vivliaserodes.gr, 210 6230913   Organizer: PYRNA non profit cultural organization & Athens 2018 World Book Capital Program Section: Educational Activities

10 September to 30 April |  Cities and Literature

Α presentation of selected excerpts, poems and prose, from texts of the modern Greek literature with the use of audiovisual media. The program involves and optional workshop of creative writing. Location: Piraeus Group Cultural Foundation, Angelou Geronta 6, Plaka The participation in Secondary School Teams is free upon booking. For more information: Alexandra Tranda, head of educational programs, 210 3256027  

1 August to 30 April |  anOther story: leaving and living – school activities

These activities are part of the annual, thematic, literary and visual festival for children and adolescents, hosted at Myrtillo since 2017. This year's themes are traveling, escape and home, adventure and warmth, the opposites of the known and the unfamiliar. Throughout the year myrtillo organises events and experiential activities, open to the public, with creators of children's and teenage literature based on the themes of their books. For school groups attendance please contact for booking. Location: Myrtillo, Trifylias & Lampsa, Ampelokipoi, Athens More information / bookings: www.myrtillocafe.gr, 2110123176 , 6940867480 & 6971759463 Email: myrtillocafe@gmail.com & myrtillocafe2@gmail.com   

2 June to 30 April |  «#Text Me_Fluffy Library»

Fluffy Library is a groundbreaking library that takes the form of an interactive exhibition. The ATOPOS space is overrun by Fluffy - a gigantic hybrid doll that, along with its monster-like primer, dwell in the space. Visitors are prompted to take their shoes off at the entrance and read through the primer, either alone or in the company of others. Fluffy Library will be framed by the #TextMe_Lab academic program that features lectures, discussions, workshops, performances and small-scale exhibitions by artists and adademics. Place: ATOPOS Contemporary Visual Culture, Salaminos 72 Dates & Times: Thursday - Friday 14:00 - 20:00 & Saturday - Sunday 12:00 - 18:00 Entrance: Free Organizer: Atopos Contemporary Visual Culture. With the support of Athens Culture Net Program Section: Book & the Arts



Christoph Ribbat in Athens 2018 World Book Capital!
Βjork event Cancelled
Samuel Bjørk in Athens 2018 World Book Capital!