Who killed Paul Seldon?

A puzzle full of pieces of truth and pieces of his truth which is like no other’s. In a house of ghosts and poison, the writer attempts to compose a novel but all his fears come alive. When does the victim become the offender? What are the limits of the power of the mind? “If you stare at the abyss, the abyss stares back to you”.

The play unfolds the story of Paul Sheldon who begins to write a novel in regard to his traumatic experience of imprisonment in Annie Wilkes’ house.  That’s how a delusionary power game starts between the writer, Annie and the Sheriff – will they survive it?

The play is inspired by Misery, Stephen King’s novel which has also been adapted for screen.

Organizer: The Young Quill, White Fox, with the support of “Athens 2018 – World Book Capital” City of Athens

Section: Books and the Arts

Terms of participation: free

Further info/ Reservations: 2106779104/ 6936601017

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DATE 17 και 19.04
TIME 21:00
PLACE Olvio Theater, Falaisias 7, Athens