The young researcher

How does an archaeologist undertake research? During this process what role does the book and a specialized archaeological library, as well as a scientific record play? Which

additional information can be found at a library compared to the internet?

These questions will be answered in a special programme for school classes (3rd Gymnasium / 1st

Lyceum) at the Library and Archives Archaeological Archive Society, the oldest Greek scientific foundation with experience in excavations, operating till today.

Separated into small groups, students will take over small exploratory work on cultural history and monuments With the help of the Library, Archives and the Internet.

Organizer: Archaeological Society in Athens

Section: Educational Activities

Further information and reservations at: 210 – 36 00 589, Monday through Friday 8.30am-2.30pm or at

DATE 01/10/18 - 19/4/19
TIME Morning Hours upon request
PLACE Archaeological Society in Athens, Library (2nd Floor)