“The Blind Girl and other poems” dramatized presentation

Presentation of ‘ The Blind Girl and Other Poems’ a poetry collection by Eleni Vafeiadou within the framework of Athens World Book Capital 2018/ City of Athens. “The Blind Girl and Other Poems” is a personal journey that explores through poetry, the world , the inner self, relationships, love, life, dreams, nature and diversity.

The blind girl showed me the way …

… as if the eyes of her soul guided her

are some of the verses of the poem that appears in Braille on the back cover.

It is the ‘other view’, the one that can lead us to a more beautiful world …

… imagination

begins a journey

to change the world

with her paint brush

Eleni Vafeidou, is a graduate of the Athen’s Agricultural University and Educational Technical School. She has worked mainly as a teacher in Secondary Education. She is engaged in literature, theatre, cinema and painting. She’s a founding member of HeterArt and she is volunteering to ‘Reading to the Others’ NGO.

‘The Blind girl and other poems’ is her first poetry collection, soon to be included in the amelib audio library collection.

The book will be presented in a panel discussion with Athena Vogiatzoglou, Associate Professor of Modern Greek Literature at the University of Ioannina and the writer and artist Kostas Karousos, President of the Greek Literary Society.

There will be a dramatic presentation with the musicians Luminita Macavei, violin, Nikos Efstratiou guitar and the performers Depi Mavropoulou and Melina Mastrantoni. The presentation is organized by the ‘Reading to the Others’ and ‘HeterArt’ NGO’s supported by Social Dynamo-Bodosaki Foundation.

With a central axis selected verses of the book, the common visions of ‘Reading to the Others’ and ‘HeterArt’ will be presented.

Vision of ‘Reading to the Others’ is the equal access to knowledge and literature with live narrations and audio books.

HeterArt proposes communication through art for socially diverse groups and continues the cycle ‘… the arts otherwise …’ which started from artspace ‘Myrtillo’ and was announced at the inauguration of the Park for the Child and Culture by the Mayor of Athens in February 2016. It presents the educational programmes ‘piano4all’ and ‘art2tech’ through pages of selectedbooks. ‘Reading to the Others’ and ‘HeterArt’ have co-sponsored the ‘stream vs steam’ event. It has been requested to cover the presentation from

Short description: Feeling the empossed back cover of the book “The Blind Girl and Other Poems” of Eleni Vafeiadou, the NGO’s “Reading to the Others” and “HeterArt”initiate us, through poetry and music, to the ‘other glance’ of a universal world. Event at the artspace ‘Myrtillo’ on the 7th of December 2018, within the framework of Athens Work Book Capital, supported by the Social Dynamo- Bodosaki Foundation.

Organizer:  NGO’s: ’Reading to the Others’ and ‘HeterArt’ and the support by the Social Dynamo-Bodosaki Foundation

Section: Celebrating Reading

Free entrance

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DATE 07.12-09.12
TIME 20:00
PLACE Myrtillo