“Spiti” | Home: group exhibition of Greek illustrators

What is home for a child-for an adult who was a child?

Works of 25 Greek illustrators attempting to convey the concept of home, as a house, courtyard, room, corner or headrest, charger and kaleidoscope of emotions, as a channel of messages and symbols.

Hearth and warmth, base or recourse, privacy or coexistence. Home as a residence, permanent, temporary, transitional. A slowing lever in the rhythms of everyday life, a station in the variability of the modern era of mobility. Villages, cities, and apartments are increasingly common places to move from one working environment to another, from zones of destruction to hosting cultures. As the world around us becomes more and more inhospitable, the primary need for private microcosms, created and defined by us alone, is a matter of urgency. And as long as the satisfaction of this need does not stabilize spatially, the greater the nostalgia of childhood emotions, the more descriptive the vision of regaining the sense of belonging.

Artists: Svetlana Vassilev, Katerina Verouzou, Claire Georgellis, Myrto Delivorias, Natalia Kapatsoulia, Christos Kourtoglou, Alexis Kyrizopoulos, Efi Lada, Michalis Kazazis, Kelly Matthia Kovo / Kelly Matathia Covo, Thanda Mimilaki, Maria Bahá , Petros Bouloubassis, Nearchos Daskas, Vassilis Papatsarouchas, Dancey Parisis, Achilleas Razis, Melissanthi Saliba, Iris Samartzis, Daniela Stamatiadis, Fotini Stefanidis, Fotini Tikkou, Sofiia Touliatou, Katerina Hadoulou, Vaso Psaraki


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Exhibition Opening: 31 October, 19:00

Parallel Events:

-Meet ups with children’s literature creators, focusing on their books focusing on the notion of “home” -School visits to the exhibition backed up with workshops / meetings with creators (upon request)

Parallel book exhibition: “At Home”

Organizer: anOtherstory-Myrtillo-Children’s and Adolescent Library of the City of Athens, supported by OPANDA

Exhibition duration: 31 October 2018 to 01 December 2018

Place: Myrtillo – Children’s and Adolescent Library of the Municipality of Athens

Organizer: Myrtillo café, supported by Athens 2018 – World Book Capital of the City of Athens

Section: Book and the Arts

Events in the context of the yearly theatrical and visual festival for children and adolescents “anOther Story”, hosted at Myrtillo’s premises

DATE 31.10-2.12
TIME 09:00 – 23:00
PLACE Myrtillo, Trifylias & Lampsa, Ampelokipoi, Athens