Queer Ink presents: Queer Words

Queer Ink is a publishing initiative that aims to highlight innovative literary works and hybrid media with a focus on matters of gender, sexuality and body politics. Queer Ink has produced a series of small publications that promote the work of young writers outside the mainstream publishing landscape. During the World Book Capital Queer Ink launches a workshop on writing, a poetry slam and a small publication from previous workshops.

12:00-15:00: What is queer writing? A workshop on poetry writing and personal zine creation. The workshop includes experiential and experimental writing sessions that will produce the creation of personal zines.

18:00-22:00: Queer prints: Exhibition featuring big scale artwork prints and performance videos that have been presented by Queer Ink in previous events

20:00-22:00: Poetry Slam: 10 emerging poets read out their poems on desire.

Participation: Free

Organizer: Queer Ink supported by SynAthina

Program Section: Celebrating Reading

DATE 23/06
PLACE Atopos Contemporary Visual Culture