Nordic Narrative: Ingvald Undset, traveler and observer: A Νorwegian archeologist visiting Greece and Schliemann in 1883

A lecture by the archaeologist Christine Amadou -University of Oslo- focusing on Undet’s ambiguous description of Greece, his perspective on Scliemann, and his own position as an archaeologist. Undset, spent his last years traveling in Italy and Greece, publishing the book “Fra Akershus til Akropolis” (1893)

Language: English

Organizer: Embassies and institutes of the Nordic countries, embassy of Island in Oslo and the Nordic Library in Athens

Section: Celebrating Reading

In the framework of the exhibitions related to the project “Nordic Narrative”,“Greece through the eyes of the travelers from the North” and “Short Re-readings: Nicolas Calas’s documents at the Nordic Library”. (Nordic Library ay Athens, Kavalloti 7, Days & Time: Monday – Thursday 11.00-16.00, Friday 16.00-19.00)

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DATE 22.02
TIME 19:00
PLACE Norwegian Institute at Athens, Tsami Karatasou 5