Nordic Narrative: exhibitions

In the framework of the events related to the project “Nordic Narrative”, embassies and institutes of the Nordic countries and the Nordic Library at Athens announce the following exhibitions: “Greece through the eyes of the travelers from the North” and “Short Re-readings: Nicolas Calas’s documents at the Nordic Library”.

“Greece through the eyes of the travellers from the North”

Travelers from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland describe their journey through Greece and their impressions of the land. These are rare testimonials from both the times of war and peace that span the last three centuries.

Short Re-readings: Nicolas Calas’s documents at the Nordic Library

The exhibition includes a small but important fragment of the Nicolas and Elena Calas’s valuable archive curated at the Nordic Library. Apart from the ‘hidden treasures’ of the archive, the exhibition also includes two works by the artist Nina Papakonstantinou, the product of her artistic interaction with the Calas Archive at the Nordic Library.

Curators: Evi Charitoudi (Nordic Library at Athens), Maria Martzoukou (Finnish Institute at Athens), Delia Tzortzaki (Norwegian Institute at Athens)

Collaborators: Birgit Olsen (Danish Institute at Athens), Hans Lejdegård (Swedish Institute at Athens), Marie Mauzy

Place: Nordic Library ay Athens, Kavalloti 7

Days & Time: Monday – Thursday 11.00-16.00, Friday 16.00-19.00

On opening night director of the Finish Institute at Athens, Björn Forsén, will give a lecture titled “Greece through the eyes of travelers from the North”, followed by a guided tour at the exhibitions.

Organizer: Embassies and institutes of the Nordic countries, embassy of Island in Oslo and the Nordic Library in Athens

Section: Celebrating Reading

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DATE 19.02 - 31.05
TIME 19:00
PLACE Nordic Library at Athens, Kavaloti 7