Miles Davis: 59 Beaufort jazz Ruby Tuesdays! #6

Makis Malaphakas, author of the book “Miles Davis, Outside the Scale” discusses with Sakis Papadimitriou, the master of greek Jazz piano, and browse the autobiography of the great musician Milew Davies. A night devoted to the notes and the hectic life of a musician who with 59 albums determined as much as anyone else the history and the course of jazz in all its versions: from be bop to hip hop and from cool jazz to psychedelic amphora.

Ogranizer:AWBC, Athens Voice Radio 102,5

Section: Celebrate Reading

DATE 26.03
TIME 20:00 ( Διάρκεια 90 λεπτά). Ώρα έναρξης πάρτι: 22:00
PLACE Mingus Cavanar, Skoufa 52