Meeting with Patrick Deville concerning his novel “Plague and Cholera”

Alexander Gersen, one of the young researchers who created the first group of the Pasteur Institute, founded in 1887, lived a very hectic life. He will leave very fast for Asia, where he will first work as a sailor to become an explorer. In 1894 in Hong Kong he isolated the bacillus of plague and settled in Indochina where he died in 1943. A real traveler of his century, he wants to understand the whole world. Medicine, agriculture, engineering, everything must be analyzed, examined and improved.

To recount this amazing scientific and human adventure, Patrick Deville followed Gersen’s footsteps around the world, drawing inspiration from the Pasteur Institute’s archives. A world-renowned traveler, Patrick Deville runs the House of Foreign Writers and Translators in Saint-Nazaire (MEET) and issues the homonymous magazine. He has written twelve novels, from which the much-talked “Cholera and Panoukla” has won three important literary distinctions: the Femina Award, the FNAC Best Novel Award and the Prize for Literary Prizes.

Organizer: French Institute of Greece in collaboration with “Lexikopoleio” bookstore and Topos Publications

Section: Celebrating Reading

DATE 04.12
TIME 19:00
PLACE French Institute of Greece, Octave Merlier Library, Sina 31