Manuscripts, letters and publications from the life and work of Angeliki Chatzimichali

An exhibition focusing on Angeliki Chatzimichali’s manuscripts on her life and folk art, including her own letters to and from eminent figures of the spiritual life of that times, publications from the daily and periodical press with reference to her work, both during her life and after her death. At the same time the Museum presents her work entitled “Models of Greek Decorations” as a typical case knowledge transcription from oral tradition to paper.

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Free admission

Organizer: OPANDA

Section: Book and the Arts

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DATE 20.10-13.01
TIME Tuesday-Friday 9:00-19: 00, Saturday-Sunday 9: 00-14: 00
PLACE Museum of Folk Art and Tradition "Aggeliki Chatzimichali" (6, Hatzimichali str., Plaka)