Love of reading in action: reading / narrative clubs and creative writing workshops Conference

Workshop on the Blossoming of Reading / Narrative clubs and Creative Writing workshops and their contribution to social cohesion and the creation of dynamics at a local level.

The aim of this conference is to present popular practices of reading and narration clubs, creative writing workshops and other practices.

Explore the benefits to the participants not only intellectually, but also from a level of socialization and interaction with others but also with their place.

Examine whether and how through collective reading and narration can be created links that are beneficial to local societies and if a creative writing workshop can create better readers.

Organizer: Athens Culture Net, with the support of OSDEL & AWBC18

Section: Celebrating Reading

Terms of participation / reservations: Free participation. Reservation at 210-3722010


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DATE 15.04
TIME 15:00-20:00
PLACE Serafio City of Athens, Petrou Ralli and Piraeos