Exhibition «The Collection of the French Institute of Athens (1945-1990), a unique editorial adventure »

For over 40 years, from 1945 to 1990, the French Institute of Athens has accomplished an outstanding editing job. In a partnership with Ikaros’ editions, and later under its director’s Octave Merlier responsibility, it published in greek both classical and contemporary French authors, such as Rabelais, Molière or Saint-John Perse, to name only a few, but it also translated Greek authors such as George Seferis, Angelos Sikelianos or Nikos Kazantzakis. The catalogue- around 150 works of great interest for researchers and for the mainstream public is part of the Institute’s as well as Greece’s history. Indeed, the editorial choices convey perfectly the Institute’s participation in the country’s life and in franco-hellenic’s exchanges in those days.

Organizer: French Institute of Athens

Section: Open Collections

DATE 02.02-25.02
TIME Tuesday to Friday: 10.00-19.00 Saturday: 09.00-14.00
PLACE French Institute of Athens, Octave Merlier Media Library