Creative Writing Workshop

The Creative writing workshop is aimed at those who love literature and want to approach it from the point of view of the author-creator, experimenting with writing and text. The course begins in October, moving around the axis “Introduction to Basic Concepts and History of Literature” with thematic units: introduction to narrative, introduction to poetry, introduction to the notion of literary style and rhythm, outline of basic literary movements from in the 18th century until today (focusing on writing techniques and style). Emphasis is placed on hands-on exercises (2 per meeting), on short “theoretical” stimuli and on the creative reading of extracts of important literary texts.

Organization: OPANDA

Section: Educational Activities

Further information at 210 – 3835541

Applications through the Center of Creative Learning Exarcha (Tsamadou 9, tel. 210-3835541) for the beginner A-cycle sections with 20, maximum number of individuals per section. Monday 29/10 – Friday 9/11

Duration: 16 meetings (3 hours each)

DATE 14.11
TIME Wednesday, Thursday 18:00 - 21:00, Friday 12:00 - 15:00
PLACE Center for Creative Learning Exarchia (Tsamadou 9)