Black in White: A book art exhibition – PIOP Historical Archives reveals its treasures

A special art exhibition celebrating book art. Artists that are either producing or utilizing books as part of their creative work are exhibiting in a space devoted to the preservation of archival and library materials, a location where the book exists in its primary form and role. The exhibition is oriented to the general public, artists. archival and library personnel. Guided tours are to be held (2 hours in duration, November 2018-January 2019, 18:00) showcasing the collections and mission of the archival host institution, along with the Art Exhibition. Two creative workshop meetings for adults on the production of handmade paper and bookbinding methods are also scheduled.

Organization: Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation

Section: Open Collections

DATE 21.11-18.01
TIME Mon - Fri: 09:00 - 17:00, Opening: November 22nd, 19:00
PLACE Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation