A Book Affair – Temporärer Kunst-Buchladen

A temporary, open  library/scene that invites international and Greek publishers, writers and artists to present their work through readings, talks, performances, discussions and mini exhibitions. The event is distinguished for the variety of topics that include art, theoretics, architecture & design, fashion, literature and phsychoanalysis.

Thomas Boutoux & Joachim Hamou: Introducing Paraguay Press in a lecture-performance 

Makis Malafekas “De les kouventa / You don’t say a word”: Presentation and reading by the author of this new novel  ((Melani Publishers)

Entrance: Free

Organizer: Goethe – Institut & Radio Athènes Institute for the advancement of Contemporary Visual Culture, supported by The British Council, Institut Français de Grèce and the Benaki Museum

Program Section: Celebrating Reading

DATE 08/06
TIME 19:30
PLACE Radio Athènes