A Book Affair—Temporärer Kunst-Buchladen #8 Tribute to Karl Wirsum

Posters, books and screenings of a member of the “Hairy Who” group and the movement known as “Chicago Imagists”. The event occurs in the context of “A Book Affair”, a temporary library/open stage inviting Greek & International publishers, writers and artists to present their work through readings, discussions, performances & mini exhibitions . The themes vary from art, theory, architecture and design to fashion, literature and psychoanalysis.  

Place: Radio Athènes, Petraki 15

Time: 19:30

Participation: Free

Organizer: Goethe-Institut & Radio Athenes Institute for the advancement of Contemporary Visual Culture supported by British Council, OUTSET. Contemporary Art Fund Greece and the kind collaboration of the Benaki Museum and the Athens School of Fine Arts

Program Section: Celebrating Reading

DATE 05.09
TIME 19:30
PLACE Radio Athènes