October 2018: the most exciting month of this Autumn is coming

Routes of Poetry: Poetry travels on the historic bus route 040

Poetry ‘on the road’ or ‘young poets read and discuss on their era’. From October 1st to March 1st (for every 1st of the month), the historic bus route 040, a route that used to link the two largest and historical municipalities of Attica, i.e. Athens and Piraeus, will revive. Young poets will be onboard this unique bus to convey their work to the passengers. Furthermore, they will hold discussions with their senior peers on topics regarding their form of art.

Each of these events will have its own theme: physical poetry, poetry and politics, city and poetry, generation X. The opening of this series of events dedicated to poetry will take place on Syntagma Square on the sounds of the celebrating music played by the philharmonic band of the two collaborating municipalities. This collaboration between Athens 2018 – World Book Capital of City of Athens and the Municipal Theatre of Pireaus contributes and brings a new dimension to the already successful series of events run by MTP.

With the support of STASY.

The Culture Night of Athens Culture Network: Narration and the Arts

On Friday, October 5th, Athens Culture Network of city of Athens and Athens 2018 – World Book Capital of City of Athens invite all the locals and visitors of the city to walk around Athens from the sunset to midnight, and discover a series of events and unrevealed activities, that highlight with various ways the relation between Art and Narration. The cultural institutions that are members of Athens Culture Network will open their doors to welcome the ‘night owls-visitors’, both with indoors and outdoors events. Among others, these include exhibitions, music lives, reading of poetry and literature, treasure hunting, theatrical performances, outdoors literary games, pop-up performances. In various archaeological sites, landmarks, spots and squares of Athens, one will find distinguished artists and writers reading their favourite passages, poems and texts. Finally, Art Athina and the Hellenic Art Galleries Association will host the ‘Gallery Night’ keeping open more than 20 art galleries around the city.

Translation Month

A series of talks and events giving the audience the chance to discover the secrets of translators and the many facets of their work.

‘Translation Meet-ups’ (‘Antonis Tritsis’ Auditorium of City of Athens, 30/9, 4,13,20/10 και 4/11) is a series of panel discussions with experts from the publishing world, renowned scientists and academics talking about the different aspects of the translation process. Topics vary from intellectual property rights for translators, to audiovisual translation, literature for young adults, the promotion of Greek literature abroad and more.

Via playful workshops (‘Translator for a day’ 6/10 and ‘Translation Slam’ 24/10) the friends of books will have a chance to get better acquainted with the translation process, either by creating their own translations or by comparing two translations of the same text.

4th Athens World Poetry Festival

The Poets Circle, in collaboration with ‘Athens 2018 – World Book Capital’ City of Athens, OSDEL and STASY, will hold the 4th Athens World Poetry Festival, from October 1st to 7th.

The city will be transformed for a whole week to a big poetry canvas for Greek and international poets. There will be poetry podiums, meeting and discussion, music events, activities and workshops that contribute to popularize Greek poetry as well as to the discourse between the various traditions. Furthermore, ‘Image + Poetry’, an art project, will be hosted in various METRO stations (Syntagma, Keramikos, Acropolis, Syggrou-Fix), concurrently with the festival.

Liberated Athens

October is the month that Athens celebrates its liberation from Nazis on the 12th October 1944. The Hellenic Parliament Foundation for Parliamentarism and Democracy, the Region of Attica, the Municipality of Athens, the General State Archives, and ERT, organize a month of celebration through a variety of events that will take place starting on October 1st .

The celebrations include screenings of films, exhibitions, educational activities, reading, talks, walk that highlight the history of the city and its residents during the years of the war till the liberation, and spotlight the areas where the Nazi occupation and the Resistance imprinted their marks.

A journey to Ancient Theatre

A unique experience of reviving ancient drama

With this one-hour play in an open theatre, with no use of modern technology and under the natural light of the morning sun, as in the original way that the ancient tragedy and comedy were played, the audience will have the chance to experience watching ancient drama just as their ancient ancestors did!

This recreational play will be an emotionally and intellectually unforgettable experience, that will impart knowledge to the audience and result to mental uplift and the Aristotelian ‘Catharsis’.

The Great Celebration of Reading #ipolidiavazei #βιβλίαπαντού

Reading celebrated everywhere; in public spaces, indoors and outdoors with public events where everyone is invited. The slogan books everywhere materializesen in central parts of the city; parks, squares, pedestrian streets, and buildings. Books ‘travel’ on wheels, on the subway, on buses, on the road, in the neighborhoods. Book will bump on you anywhere!

The Moving Library of OPANDA

This specially designed library-car keeps driving around on its book-tours! It carries multiple and various titles and is equipped with electronic book-lending, searching etc. to provide all the services of a modern library to its visitors. It is open and parks in selected spots in the city from Tuesday to Saturday.

The Itinerant Library of the Network for Children’s Rights

By taking part to the program of the Itinerant Library of the Network of Children’s Rights, the children of different neighborhoods in all the 7 municipal district of Athens have the opportunity to listen to and read stories, solve puzzles, play games, draw and take part in experiential activities.

The Moving ECHO Refugee Library

This van conveys the message of cooperation, dialogue, exchange of ideas. It carries books in a variety of languages ​​such as Arabic, Farsi, Kurdish, French, English and Greek. The visitors can browse on site or borrow books and return them next week. From October to January, the moving ECHO Refugee Library, in collaboration with We Need Books and ‘Athens 2018 – World Books Capital’ of City of Athens, will be waiting to welcome young and old people at Kypseli’s municipal Market, the municipal Library at Larissa Station and at Communitism on Kerameikou Street.

BOOKS ON WHEELS® for very young readers

After the successful launch that included seminars and workshops, the innovative program of PYRNA and ‘Athens 2018 – World Books Capital’ of City of Athens, Books on Wheels for very young readers brings 13 suitcases full of new books that will travel in all the 72 public infant Daycare centres of City of Athens. The suitcases contain illustrated, musical, tactile books, for refugee infants whose mother tongue is Arabic or Farsi, as well as parenting books.

Athenian Book Itineraries

Guided tours influenced by books that have used Athens as the setting of a novel, or by guide books of the city. The guides of these itineraries are the writers themselves, scholars, and distinguished professionals that are involved in publishing.

On 6/10, Katerina Schina welcomes children of 8-12 years old on a journey to Athens, the city of the Fearless Girls, the heroines of her book Stories for Fearless Girls – 40 unique Greek women who became distinguished and imprinted history with their personal mark.

On 7/10, Manina Zoumboulaki guides visitors and readers in Monastiraki and Plaka, on a literary journey following her books You Hide Something and Hear Me Out. Mystery stories, a game of situations that take place in the current times of crisis in Athens!

On 10/10 Athena Kakouri, together with Thanasis Yohalas, will host an original tour of the First Academy, revealing the unique world-known history of the Philological Association “Parnassos”, which was founded in 1861 aiming to promote knowledge.

On 13/10 Aggeliki Darlasis and Nikos Nikolaidis, will host a walk based on the book The Boy in the Gallery, which brings back memories of the stories of refugees that traveled from Asia Minor to the historic center of Athens. Beginning by the entrance of the City Hall of Athnes, through Kotzia square, Varvakeios Market and Euripides and Aeolou streets, the tour will end at the patisserie “Krinos”.

On 14/10 Alexis Stamatis guides us in the city following the steps of his heroes on a route from the National Technical University of Athens on a Sunday elections day, through Exarchia to Kolonaki. On this tour the hero of his first book, The Seventh Elephant, will meet the hero of his novel The Man of the Fifth Act.

On 20/10, Lotti Petrovich – Androutsopoulou, will guide her own walk starting on Akadimias Street. After climbing up Strefi Hill, and she and participants will walk around the Exarchia area, where she was born and lived during the Occupation. During the tour there will be stops at historical points, where she will read excerpts of her books The Times of Chocolate and A Song for Three.

On 21/10 Artemis Skoubourdis, will host a tour inspired by her book Monastiraki-Plaka: The neighborhoods of the Gods. This is a tour around the oldest district of Europe where the Athenian diachronic aspects in the history of these neighborhoods is celebrated, along the ancient road of Tripodon Street and the monuments of various eras.

A World of Writers

Can there be books without writers? Or writers without readers?

“Athens 2018 – World Book Capital” of city of Athens collaborates with Publishing Houses to give a unique opportunity to both Greek and international writers who rarely visit Athens to meet readers of their books and discuss with them on twists of the stories in their books and the fates of their heroes.

3rd October: The Great Walk of Alki

One of the most important children’s and young adults’ literature writers alive, Alki Zei, will meet her, young and not so young, readers, at the Greek Film Archives. Before the discussion there will be preceded by a screening the documentary “The Great Walk of Alki”, directed by Margarita Manta, who will be present and take part in the discussion.

6th & 7th October: 4th Panhellenic Festival of Fantasy – ΦantastiCon

The great feast for the friends of Fantasy returns this year as part of “Athens 2018 – World Book Capital” of city of Athens. Visit the Hellenic American Union to meet Fantasy heroes that jump out of books, games, miniatures, illustrations, discussion on books, competitions, tributes to writers, workshops and music events.

7th October: «Athens-Europe: the future of a city, the future of a continent»

What is the future of Athens and Europe? The writers Nikos A. Mantis and Ioanna Bourazopoulou, and the literature critic Vangelis Hatzivasileiou, converse on the future history through the genre of Fantasy, in the framework of ΦantastiCon. Maybe the ‘future’ reality is already here, but how can we know it? How does Fantasy literature perceive and engages in political and philosophical thinking?

22th October: 5th Literary Relay: from Chronograph to Short Stories

Throughout a year ‘Athens 2018 – World Book Capital’ of city of Athens organises twelve Literary Relays where twelve authors choose their favourite book, each of which comes from a different genre, and invite its writer to a public discourse, handing them over the baton. In the 5th Relay Nikos Vatopoulos will present his secret choice of a short stories writer.

31st October: Round Table: The Nordic Countries narrate

The Nordic crime fiction: Fiction or a mirror of the Nordic Society?

A follow-up event to the successful series of events ‘The Nordic Countries narrate…’, organised by the Embassies and Institutes of the Nordic Countries in Athens, and the Embassy of Iceland in Oslo. This is the central event of the thematic series, and will take place in the welcoming space of the Goethe Institute. Writers, critics, and journalists from the Nordic Countries will hold a round table, chaired by Mikela Hartoulari, on the crime literature of their countries and how their society is portrayed in it.